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Tennis and Covid

Once again the Australia Open is being played in Covid conditions. In 2021, Covid meant half of the competition was played without crowds. In 2022 the rule is no vaccination, no entry. The Australian open is in the news again this year for the wrong reason. The reason involves world number 1 Novak Djokovic. On 5 January 2022, tennis australia and the Victorian government announced an exemption bill as given to Djokovic to play without proving vaccination status. The outrage was loud on social media from Australians and in particular victorians who had endured 6 lockdowns and finally were able to enjoy sport.

On 6 january it was reported that border force had detained Djokovic and by late morning we were told his visa was rejected. It seemed he applied and was granted an incorrect visa that didn’t allow for exemptions. If he was to be allowed tje stay and enter, the Victorian government would need to intervene. The Victorian government refused and Djokovic was to be deported.

An urgent hearing in the Federal court was requested and at 4pm court was in session. the paperwork was not completed and so it was adjourned until 6. at 6pm it would seem the matter would need written submissions and the judge ordered that Djokovic not be deported until his hearing on Monday. So now he is in an immigration hotel, where Covid has run rampant among the refugees there. Some have been there 9 years. Of course he has hired - $35k top Barrister.

it would seem though the easiest way tI have settled this in my opinion - Djokovic apologises for the tantrum and apply for the correct visa. Whoever filled out the visa paperwork I guess is the one responsible. We now wait until Monday for the next part of the saga.

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