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Radio and TV personality, Heidi Anderson was always the girl who wore a cardigan in summer to cover her arms, and board shorts to the beach on the rare occasion she dared to go. She spent years hating herself; silencing her body demons through sex, booze and boys.  
Heidi knows what it’s like to feel alone, to deal with debilitating anxiety daily and to constantly try to please people; pretending to be okay on the outside, while suffering crushing insecurities on the inside.  
After breaking down on live radio to 300 thousand listeners and making the nerve-racking confession,
“I wish I could sit here and tell you that I love myself because that’s what people expect me to say, but I can’t. I absolutely hate my body”
she experienced a life-changing moment.
Her gut-wrenching admission forced her to embrace her vulnerabilities, challenge her old beliefs and learn how to say a big fat ‘’Fuck You” to unrealistic beauty standards, and a big ‘’Up Yours’’ to all diets and society’s expectations.
Heidi is unapologetically authentic, her memoir is filled with honesty, humour and home-truths. She will show you how she dealt with her inner mean girls that told her she wasn’t skinny enough, good enough or simply that other people mattered more than she did.
Heidi will inspire you to STOP worrying what other people think and take your power back!
Today she lives in her red bikini.

Drunk on Confidence

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