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Do you know a person who when you say something bursts into a song about what you have just said? If not you do now.

Joanne has been performing music her whole life. Her grandmother Eva was a well known soloist in the Preston area, and  Joanne grew up in a Salvation Army family, where she was exposed to brass music, timbrels (tambourine) and singing. Music was an essential part of her life and she started to learn to play  the organ and by the time she was 15, Joanne playing the organ for weddings, and at school participated  in various choirs at school and brass bands. 

At 18 she was in a audition entry brass band called festive brass and at 26 was accompanying the local Salvation Army choir in Perth Western Australia.

 Joanne is a multi instrumentalist of a high caliber with voice, piano, brass being some of the instruments. Since becoming the  Coordinator for Just Brass Hobsons Bay (a program offering a free music program to students in a low  socio economic school at no cost to the parents or the school) , Joanne is fast becoming a talented conductor and music teacher. 


In 2019 Joanne joined the Melbourne Staff songsters a premier choir of The Salvation Army and has had the opportunity to tour Singapore and Mynamar with the choir and conduct a music school for the youth of Mynamar.

Joanne has extended her skill set to include work as a television extra which has seen her appear in a variety of TV and Movies. Most notably was appearing on Neigbhours,  The Stan mini series Bloom, Paul Hogan's Movie The very excellent Mr Dundee and a foot double in the sci fi series Hungry Ghosts.

Joanne has her own youtube channel which features a variety of topics and her music. She host live streams and have participants from all over the world and currently has 2261 subscribers and 48 channel members. Topics vary and cover numerous topics including politics, covid, planning, finances, music, sport. 

In 2020, Joanne and the Melbourne Staff Songsters  participated in a virtual choir with Salvation Army Choirs from all around the world.

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Joanne Is managed by Real People. If you would like to book Joanne for television or movie work  please contact 

Mario from Real People 

 t: (+613) 9529 4211


If you would like to book Joanne for music please email:

Third Year - 2021

University Journey 2019-2021

First Year - 2019

My solo project - I had been recovering from damage to my vocal chords and had not been able to sing up until this point.

amazing grace ensemble

Second Year 2020

The year we had to move to online learning due to covid. 

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